Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thread Tension Stress

OK, so that's an hour out of my precious sewing time that I'm never going to get back! I've had a solid block of time to pudder in my studio/office, and thought I was making amazing headway! My plan of action was to whip up an autumny table runner using some Tina Givens Annabella Mink fabrics from my stash. I've assembled blocks for both sides (as this is a reversible table runner), and I've sewn my perimetre stitching leaving a 3 inch space for turning right sides out. The seams are perfectly pressed and all ready for edge stitching and top stitching!! So in my 'so-called-brilliance', I found the 'perfect' thread for the task at hand, the finishing details. I've had a flawless sewing day up to this point, and am quite pleased with how things are looking and going.

And things start to go sideways...

The runner and I are at the machine, we're all lined up perfectly, presser foot goes down, needle goes in, my foot on the gas, and WE'RE OFF!! I always like to check that my finishing stitches are looking perfect, and that's when I thread tension is horrific!!! But things have been going so well up to this point!! OK, no biggie, I'll just tighten up the tension dial...UGH same thing! DRAT! What's going on? Increase the tension dial some more...oh heck, all the way, what have I got to lose? Do a few stitches, and GRRR, the same thing, my bottom thread is crazy loose! Huh, ok then, let's try Plan B...perhaps it's time for a needle change! Well, how about trying 6 different needles!!!! Yup, you heard right!

OK, time to back away from the machine! All I want to do is get those finishing stitches on my new table runner! Is that too much to ask?! Didn't think so.

Time to try a new angle -- let's take the bobbin out and clean the hook race and feed dog! I've done this so many times, that I actually enjoy cleaning out all the lints! I have my handy dandy paint brush that is brilliant at grabbing those little lints! OK, so CHECK -- everything is nice and clean.

I didn't mention that the last needle I tried was a brand new patchwork/quilting needle. So here we go again -- presser foot down, needle in, foot on the gas,'ve got to be kidding me?! What the heck is going on here? I've done everything imaginable to fix the thread tension, what more can I do?!

Hmmm...for kicks, I'll change out the bobbin thread (and return the tension dial to normal)...presser foot down, needle in, foot on gas...AHHHH! Well that's an improvement! Let's try switching out my spool of thread (just for kicks!). AMAZING! We are nearing perfection, once again!!

So what valuable lesson did I learn from all this? What's the moral of the story?


Why did I not know this?

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