Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stylish Skirt Hand-Me-Down

As we bask in the last few warm days of summer, er fall rather; I'm starting to think about putting all the tank tops and shorts away until next year. *sigh* The long, hot days of summer are behind us here in Vancouver, the cool mornings and evenings are upon us, and the denim is returning to our wardrobes. Both my kids have grown like weeds over the summer, and my son's Levi's no longer look stylish above is ankles! My daughter, being the little fashionista diva that she is (at the tender age of 4) will not be caught dead wearing her big brother's Levi's, no matter how cute a top she may be wearing!

The thought of wearing "boy jeans" sends her into a girly rage, that only a 4-year old could pull off!! It always brings a tear to my eye when my kids outgrow their favourite clothes...they should stay small forever! In an effort to keep my son's jeans (and to get more mileage out of them!), I thought I'd convert them into a stylish denim skirt. I've seen those really cute denim skirts that had a previous life as jeans, and I thought, what the heck, let's go for it!! I cut the jeans off at the knee, took out the inseam, and started playing around with skirt configuration. I got my daughter/model to try the skirt on for length, and realized that the top of the inseam would actually be the right length (I was forgetting she had much shorter legs that my 'little big man'). As I was cutting the denim at the top of the inseam, that's when I had my skirt epiphany! I totally knew what that skirt needed!! The skirt SO needed a little Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson!

I was absolutely thrilled with how this quick and easy transformation turned out! And my daughter just LOVED her new skirt!! Here's a couple more pics showing off the great fabric detail on the Stylish Skirt Hand-Me-Down! The front is too cute! Are you loving the hand on the hip?

And the back is even cuter!! Nothing beats a cutie pie in little Levi's! And again, the hand on the hip! LOL

I just had to share this absolutely cute transformation! And so easy!! Oh, and by the way, my little fashionista threw this outfit together for preschool yesterday! How cute is that?! LOL

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